ALL are welcome to join us on Sunday, July 18th, for the first-ever Bucks-Mont PRIDE! We are so excited to host this event that will bring people together after such an extended time of social distancing and a lack of in-person events. We will be following the CDC guidelines to ensure that this event is safe and fun for all! To learn more about PRIDE and to participate [volunteering, sponsorship, tabling, entertainment, etc.] click the logo above or go here:

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No longer alone

I’ve found a place that’s right

I’ve found my home

Bathed in welcoming light

I say aloud that I’m a lesbian

And I say it with pride

I will come back again

With a more confident stride

I feel comfortable here

Just being me

There is no fear

Of what people will think or see

For thoughts of judgment

Have no place in here

No need to lament

No need for fear

What is said in this place

Is genuine and true

It puts a smile on my face

As true friends do

This is a world all its own

With rules to care

I’m never alone

I can say “I belong there”

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Everyone likes to feel welcomed. A sense of belonging, a friendly "hello," a sense that you have a place in your community--this means something. Whether you're brand new in a community or have lived there for many years, and honest welcome matters.

We at The Welcome Project PA highly value this sense of welcome for all people. We also recognize that in our society, sadly there are far too many people who do not feel welcomed. That is why we exist--to help everyone in our communities feel like they belong--whether a family brand new to the U.S. or an individual seeking affordable therapy, or children, youth, and adults who identify as LGBT+, or people of various faith backgrounds seeking community and a sense of belonging. We welcome you!

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